MD1 DC Brush Servo Mini Rotary Stage

  • MD 1 Brush Servo Mini Rotary Stage
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This MD1 is a belt driven rotary stage with a small footprint and very low backlash.
It can be fitted with a 3 jaw chuck or ER20 collet holder for almost any automation project.   
This unit is driven with a DC Brush Servo.
The unit is ideal for rotary positioning where space and budget are limited. 
MD1 Mini Rotary Stage Accessories
3 Jaw chuck 65 mm diam. 3 Jaw Chuck 80 mm diam.
3 jaw chuck, 65mm dia. 3 jaw chuck, 80mm dia.
SK20 collet holder for ER 20 Collets 3 Jaw chuck, 125 mm diam.
SK20 collet holder accepts ER20 collets 3 jaw chuck, 125mm dia.
  • Model: 261010_0
  • Motor Option: Brushed DC Servomotor RE40

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