16x16 mm Extrusion Enclosure Corner Profile

  • 16x16mm Corner Profile Extrusion Dimensions
  • 16x16mm Corner Profile Extrusion Fastening Methods
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  • Just add aluminum side panels and make an enclosure of whatever size and length you need!
  • This enclosure profile is made of clear anodized extruded aluminum. 
  • Two slots are provided to insert 1.5 mm thick aluminum sheet stock.
  • Hardware set can be used to hold aluminum panels from 2 to 5mm thick against the extrusion (see photos)
  • Channels in the profile corner are designed to be used with M5 self-tapping screws or tapped with an M5 thread for holding front and rear enclosure panels. 
  • This profile is used to construct enclosures for mechanical or electrical components.
  • Available in 1, 2 or 3 m lengths

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