ZDS 2030 Dual Axis Rotary Stage

  • ZDS 2030 Compound Rotary Stage
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The ZDS 2030 Compound Rotary Stage is a dual axis stepper motor based rotary stage. It can be fitted with a 3 jaw chuck or SK20 collet. 
  • Tilt axis can rotate ±139°
  • Swivel axis can rotate infinite amount in either direction
  • Non-contact limit switches on both axes
  • Available accessories include 65mm diameter 3 jaw chuck, 80mm diameter 3 jaw chuck and ER20 collet holder
  • 30:1 ratio on tilt axis
  • 20:1 ratio on swivel axis
  • NEMA 17 stepper motor on both axes
3 Jaw Chuck
65mm or 80mm diameter
3 Jaw Chuck
ER 20 Collet Holder ER 20 Collet holder

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