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The LFS-8-3 linear rail systems is a very economical choice for medical or laboratory applications as well as light industrial systems.
The wide profile makes it ideal for off-center or cantilevered loads.
Sealed roller bearing carriages are available for dusty applications.
See all the compatible LFS 8-3 bearing carriage options.

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  • 2 precision steel shafts 8mm
  • particularly resistant to twisiting
  • Aluminium Shaft houisng profile, naturally anodised
  • Conditionally self-supporting
  • Special lenghts to order
  • Dims. W 115 x H 25.5 mm & wieght 3.2 Kg/m
  • Stainless steel Version avialble
  • fixing from below through M6 drillings every 100mm

Extra Images

LFS 8-3
Shaft slide WS 3/70   Shaft slide WS 3   Trolley LW 7
C0 3141 N   C0  6945 N   C0 2160 N
C 1879 N   C 3190 N   C 4000 N
F1 static 2682 N   F1 static 5931 N   F1 static 4320 N
F1 dynamic 1604 N   F1 dynamic 2724 N   F1 dynamic 3792 N
F2 static 3141 N   F2 static 6945 N   F2 static 2160 N
F2 dynamic 1879 N   F2 dynamic 3190 N   F2 dynamic 4000 N
Mx static 115.7 Nm   Mx static 255.9 Nm   Mx static 246.8 Nm
My static 105.3 Nm   My static 232.8 Nm   My static 302.4 Nm
Mz static 123.3 Nm   Mz static 272.5 Nm   Mz static 151.2 Nm
Mx dynamic 69.2 Nm   Mx dynamic 117.5 Nm   Mx dynamic 216.7 Nm
My dynamic 62.9 Nm   My dynamic 106.9 Nm   My dynamic 265.4 Nm
Mz dynamic 73.7 Nm   Mz dynamic 125.1 Nm   Mz dynamic 280 Nm

Forced Moment Drawing

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