Product catalogs featuring over 1,080 linear motion components including:

This new Isel Automation Catalog 2015 features thousands of linear motion components for all types of automation applications. These items include linear rails, bearings, ball screws, ball nuts, ball and cross roller slides, aluminum structural profiles and table plates. Applications include drilling, inspection, dispensing, soldering, laser scanning, laser engraving, test stands and any in-house automation project. These components make it simpler and more affordable to design, build or repair linear motion systems.

The linear rails are available in stock lengths to 3 meters with a variety of carriages. One model of note is the Series 300 Rail and Carriage. It has a 90mm wide base allowing it to handle higher cantilever loads at speeds up to 10 meters per second. A line of ball screws is offered in metric sizes in lengths to three meters. The 16mm diameter ball screw is offered with finished ends in 2.5, 5, 10 and 20mm leads. The KM series nut is only 28mm in diameter and can be preloaded to meet the most demanding applications. Ball and cross roller slides come in travels from 0.5" to 12" and loads from 1.5 to 2032 lbs. Lastly, an entire section is devoted to structural aluminum profiles and table plates. These table plates come as wide as 375mm and 3 meters in length. The T slots make it extremely convenient and simple to fixture parts quickly. This simple fixturing capability makes them ideal when putting together a work platform for a flexible manufacturing cell or a fixturing surface for all sorts of machines.

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