DSH-M Compund Rotary Stage

  • DSH-M Dual axis rotary stage
  • DSH-M Dual Axis Rotary Stage Dimensioned Drawing
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The DSH-M Compound Rotary Table is a rigid, high load capacity dual axis rotary stage.
  • Ideal for simple 4th or 5th axis motion applications
  • It is sealed against dust and coolant spray to IP65
  • Available with reductions of 51:1 or 101:1
  • Parts up to a 9.5" cube can be positioned for inspection, machining, engraving...
  • It can be combined with any Isel gantry system to make a 4 to 5 axis automation platform.  
  • Made of aluminum and stainless steel
  • Transfer accuracy <1.5 minute of arc
  • Repeatability < ± 6 seconds of arc
  • Tilt range of 190° (±95° from vertical)
  • Swivel - infinite range
  • Brushless servo comes with 2500ppr or 10K pulses in quadrature
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  • Can also be supplied with stepper controls or servo control
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Rotary stage T Slot
mounting plate. Available
in 2 sizes 
     Ø 240 mm / PT 25
     Ø 365 mm / PT 25
3 Jaw Chuck Ø 125mm
Includes mounting flange and hardware

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