ICP CNC Stepper Gantry

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Travel: 12”x8”x3.5” or 16”x12”x 5.5”
LOWCOST complete system
A ready-to-use stepper motor cartesian robot or CNC system - WIRED, with PAL software
Ball screws on all 3 axes - for smooth, playfree motion that never needs adjustment
Fully assembled, available with or without electronics in a CE compliant safety enclosure.
The ICP electronics uses either CNC or DNC programming via RS232.
Comes equipped with a saftey interlock so the machine cannot be opened while it is running and a program cannot be started while the door is open.
It is also avaiable with servos. Please see our ICV cartesian robot
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  • Can be supplied with or without electronics
  • CNC or DNC programming via RS232
  • All machines come with stepper motors installed and wired
  • Can be used for drilling, milling, dispensing, inspection, pick and place and assembly
  • T-slot table top for easy clamping of work piece and accessories
  • All axes are ball screw driven for smooth accurate motion without backlash or wear
  • CE Safety enclosed - School safe!
  • Accuracy : ± 0.1 mm / 300 mm (± .004 in / 12 in)
  • Repeatability : ± 0.01 mm (± .0004 in)
  • All axes provided with home reference switch and far end limit switch with ±0.01 mm (±.0004 in) repeatability

Extra Images

ICP 4030
  ICP 4030
Traverse path X/Y/Z [mm]  400 x 300 x 140
Clamping table surface W × D [mm]  700 x 375
Throughput [mm]  170
Dimensions W × D × H [mm]  780 x 850 x 810
Guides  Linear units with precision steel shafts
and recirculating ball slots, clearance free adjustable
Process speed X/Y/Z [mm/s]  100 (for Ball screw drives 16x10)
60 (for Ball screw drives 16x4)
Repeatability [mm/s]  ± 0.02
Drive motors  Stepper motors
Drive elements X/Y/Z  Ball screw drives 16 x 10 / 16 x 10 / 16 x 4 mm
Clearance free adjustable (optional: 16 x 4 mm in X/Y/Z)
Controller  iMC-P step controller with 4 final stages 48V/4.2A
and 500W power supply unit with processor board
Operation  Function keys and emergency shutdown
Software  WinRemote (optional: ProNC, isy CAM 2.8)
Weight [kg]  appr. 120
Part-no.:  280220 7405 *

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