IT116FL Single Axis Stepper Controller

  • Single Axis Stepper Motor Controller IT116
  • Single Axis Stepper Motor Controller IT116 - Rear
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The IT116FL is a complete single axis stepper controller READY TO RUN OUT OF THE BOX
  • Unit includes the controller, driver, power supply, I/O, internal wiring and enclosure
    • 4 optically isolated 24VDC signal inputs
    • 4 relay outputs 24 VDC, 300 mA each
    • Program memory for up to approximately 500 line program
  • It comes with the PalPC motion control software.  Simple English language like programming system
    • includes JOG/TEACH function
  • Battery backed program memory - just hit START to run stored program
  • Runs off 120VAC or 220VAC
  • Compatible with all 2 or 4 phase stepper motors that take up to 3-3.5A/phase
  • Motor brake relay built in for 24VDC power-off brake
    • activates automatically when power is engaged
    • can be turned on/off with program control
  • Can be programmed in 3 modes
    • Standalone mode with program stored in battery backed memory
    • In DNC or direct control mode from ASCII commands sent over RS232 line
    • From LabVIEW with free LabVIEW Drivers

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