LEZ 2 Belt Actuator

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The LEZ 2 Belt Actuator is used for general purpose automaiton applications handling loads up to 100 lbs. 
The belt is 25mm wide and thus provides greater load and speed capacity.
The motion is 70mm/shaft revolution, allowing for rapid motions - theoretically up to 5m/sec
The thicker body is better suited to longer travels where only the ends are supported.
The drive shaft at the non-motor end can be used to link a second parallel slide in an H configuration allowing for very long XY travels
Stepper or servo motor options are available.
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Shaft slide WS 3
C0  6945 N
C 3190 N
F1 static 5931 N
F1 dynamic 2724 N
F2 static 6945 N
F2 dynamic 3190 N
Mx static 255.9 Nm
My static 232.8 Nm
Mz static 272.5 Nm
Mx dynamic 117.5 Nm
My dynamic 106.9 Nm
Mz dynamic 125.1 Nm

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