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The LFS-12-11 rail is a single 12mm shaft supported along its full length. This allows for hign load with a small foot print. Can be used on conjection with another LFS-12-11 rail to complete your motion platform. 
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  • W 20 x H 31 mm
  • Precision steel Shaft
  • Aluminium Shaft houisng profile, naturally anodised
  • securing from below with M6 tapped raill in T-slot insert on flat surface
  • Special lengths available upon request
  • Weight is 1.3 Kg/m

Extra Images

LFS 12-11
Shaft slides WS 6/70   Shaft slides WS 6   Trolley LW 5
C0 3303 N   C0 4868 N   C0 2160 N
C 1873 N   C 2426 N   C 4000 N
F1 static 2821 N   F1 static 4157 N   F1 static 4320 N
F1 dynamic 1599 N   F1 dynamic 2071 N   F1 dynamic 3846 N
F2 static 3303 N   F2 static 4868 N   F2 static 2160 N
F2 dynamic 1873 N   F2 dynamic 2426 N   F2 dynamic 4000 N
Mx static -   Mx static -   Mx static -
My static 105.3 Nm   My static 155.2 Nm   My static 162.0 Nm
Mz static 123.3 Nm   Mz static 181.7 Nm   Mz static 81.0 Nm
Mx dynamic -   Mx dynamic -   Mx dynamic -
My dynamic 59.7 Nm   My dynamic 77.3 Nm   My dynamic 144.2 Nm
Mz dynamic 69.9 Nm   Mz dynamic 90.5 Nm   Mz dynamic 150.0 Nm

Forced Moment Drawing

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