Rotary Stages

  • ZDS 2030 Compound Rotary Stage
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The Isel Automation line of rotary stages are designed to be used in a wide variety of applications. These rotary stages can be used for drilling, milling, inspection, testing, assembly and dispensing. Loads range from 3 kg to 160 kg. Ratios range from 20:1 to 101:1. These units come with either a stepper or servo motor. We offer a complete line of controls, cabling, and software to complete your automation project. We offer 2 different compound dual axis rotary stages. The model DSH dual axis rotary stage is sealed against fluids and is ideal for machining, spot welding and inspection applications. The ZDS 2030 is a very low cost stepper motor driven dual axis rotary stage that is ideal for laser engraving applications.


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