Flatcom Flatbed Automation System

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Flatcom Series machines are a general automation platform.
  • They come complete with machanics, motors, controls, cabling, a stand and safety enclosure with either a safety interlock or optional light curtain.
  • Travels range from 700mm x 600mm to 1200mm x 1400mm on the M Series.
  • Travels on the L Series are 1500mm x 1700mm and 2500mm x 1700mm.
  • Available in XY, XYZ. Standard machines come with 3 axis but can be custom built to include up to 5 axis.
  • Flatcoms include electronics all wired in an industrial cabinet as well as an IPC25 industrial embedded PC with WIN 10. There is a swing arm that houses a flatpanel touch screen with keyboard and mouse.
  • Gantry clearances of 270mm and 310mm on the M Series
  • Gantry clearances of 270, 370 and 470mm on the L Series
  • Z axis travel can be 210 or 310mm on the M Series.
  • Z axis travel can be 210, 310 or 410 on the L Series 
  • Available without electronics for OEM applications

Applications include:
Inspection, welding, milling, pick and place, dispensing, assembly,
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  • All axes are ball screw driven for smooth accurate motion without backlash or wear
  • Accuracy : ± 0.1 mm / 300 mm (± .004 in / 12 in)
  • All axes provided with home reference switch and far end limit switch with ±0.01 mm (±.0004 in) repeatability
  • Optional 4 and 5 axis avaiable
  • Ideal for multi-shift operation
  Flatcom M20 Flatcom M30 Flatcom M40 Flatcom M50
Processing areas X/Y [mm] *  700 / 600  700 / 900  1,200 / 900  1,200 / 1,400
Z lift [mm]  150 (optional 250, in each case without processing unit)
Bench clamping area W x D [mm]  750 x 750  750 x 1,000  1,250 x 1,000  1,250 x 1,500
Z gap [mm] *  200 (optional 300,in each case without processing unit)
Dimensions WxDxH [mm]  1,420 x1,150 x1,870  1,420 x1,450 x1,870  1,920 x1,450 x1,870  1,920 x1,950 x1,870
Processing speed X/Y/Z max.  250 mm/s
Repeat accuracy [mm]  ± 0.02
Drive motors  Servo motors
Drive elements X/Y/Z  Recirculating ball drive, adjustable for no play
Controller iMD CAN controller with 3 drive controllers, expandable to 12 axes (max. 6 interpolated & 6 handling axes), PC, I/O module, safety circuit with rest state monitoring, power supply unit 48 V / 1000 W
Operation  Control panel iOP-19-TFT
Weight (kg)  approx. 300  approx. 340  approx. 450  approx. 525
Software  Windows, WinRemote (optional: ProNC, isy 2.8)
Connection values  230V, 16A  400V, 16A
Part-no. (Z lift = 150 mm)  276023 52455E  276033 52455E  276043 52455E  276053 52455E
Part-no. (Z lift = 250 mm)  276023 53455E  276033 53455E  276043 53455E  276053 53455E
* without mounted components on the axes !        

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