ZR 20 Rotary Stage

  • ZR 20 Rotary Stage with SK 20 collet holder
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The ZR 20 Rotary Stage is a low cost and an extremely compact stepper motor based rotary stage.

  • It is driven by an anti-backlash belt and pulley system, it has a 20:1 drive ratio - 20 motor shaft revolutions produces 1 revolution of the ZR20 output.
  • The ZR 20 rotary stage can be fitted with an SK20 collet holder that takes standard ER20 collets.
  • Available with an optional 65mm diameter 3 jaw chuck, 80mm diameter 3 jaw chuck, or 125mm diameter 3 jaw chuck
  • Can be mounted in either a vertical or a horizontal orientation. 
  • This rotary stage is ideal for marking, laser engraving, inspection and dispensing applications.
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ZR 20 Rotary Stage Dimensions
ZR 20 Accessories
3 Jaw chuck 65 mm diam. 3 Jaw Chuck 80 mm diam.
3 jaw chuck, 65mm dia. 3 jaw chuck, 80mm dia.
SK20 collet holder for ER 20 Collets 3 Jaw chuck, 125 mm diam.
SK20 collet holder accepts ER20 collets 3 jaw chuck, 125mm dia.

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ZR 20 Rotary Stage
Isel USA’s ZR 20 Rotary Stage is a stepper motor based rotary stage. The ZR 20 features a through hole with 15 mm diameter. Contact us for more information. ZR 20 Rotary Stage Isel USA Inc
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ZR 20
  stepper motor MS 045 HT *
Reduction ratio  1:20
Abtriebsdrehzahl [1/min]  0 - 60
Operating torque (0 - 1600 Hz) [Nm]  8
Rated holding torque (static load) [Nm]  14
Min. step (positional accuracy) [arcmin]  3.5
Weight [kg]  2.1
  * Values for half-step operation
Rotary or tilting units
Rotary or tilting units 1* 2* 3 4 5 6 7
ZR 20 (step)  10 kg  5 kg  14 Nm  8 Nm  8 Nm  60 rpm  1:20
*) Guideline values will vary according to application !!

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