• LFS-12-10 Linear Rail
  • LFS 12-10 Rail/Bearing Dimensions
  • LFS 10-12 Deflection vs Load
  • Dual track carriage for LFS 12-10 with 40mm linear bearings
  • Dual track carriage for LFS 12-10 with 80mm linear bearings
  • Short linear bearing carriage for LFS 12-10
  • Long linear bearing carriage for LFS 12-10
  • Mount Rails to table plates WITHOUT DRILLING AND TAPPING!
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 COMPACT, LIGHT, LOW COST, Our most popular model!
Steel and Aluminum linear rail for straight and accurate motion at LOW COST
Aluminum body makes it light
Ground steel rails make it accurate and durable
Good for most general industrial, medical and instrumentation applications. 
Can be joined to provide much longer rail travels
Available with recirculating bearings or sealed roller carriages

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See images to the right to see how to create a slide WITHOUT DRILLING AND TAPPING

Click here for rail and bearing carriage specifications

The aluminum profile length is 4mm less than the nominal length.
The steel rails are 1mm shorter than the aluminum profile.
Steel spacers are not to be removed.
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  • Two parallel, hardened and ground 12 mm diameter steel shafts, accuracy grade h6, hardened to RC 62 + 2
  • Parallelism and accurate center distances achieved by rails and ground spacers inserted into the extrusion at 50 mm centers
  • Lightweight, high stiffness
  • Hardened 6.5 mm dia. spacers for mounting screws
  • Weight is 3 Kg/m
  • View and select compatible carriages and accessories
  • Anti-Twist
  • Special Lengths available to order

Extra Images

LFS 12-10
Slides WS 8/70   Slides WS 8   Trolley LW 4            Dual track set 2
C0 3303 N   C0 4868 N   C0 2160 N   C0 645 N 1905 N
C 1873 N   C 2426 N   C 4000 N   C 600 N  1125 N
Fstatic 2821 N   Fstatic 4157 N   Fstatic 4320 N   Fstatic 652 N  1927 N
F1 dynamic 1599 N   F1 dynamic 2071 N   F1 dynamic 3846 N   F1 dynamic 607 N  1138 N
Fstatic 3303 N   Fstatic 4868 N   Fstatic 2160 N   Fstatic 645 N  1905 N
F2 dynamic 1873 N   F2 dynamic 2426 N   F2 dynamic 4000 N   F2 dynamic 600 N  1125 N
Mx static 46.7 Nm   Mx static 68.8 Nm   Mx static 135.4 Nm   Mx static 16.0 Nm 46.0 Nm
My static 105.3 Nm   My static 155.2 Nm   My static 194.4 Nm   My static 13.0 Nm  119 Nm
Mz static 123.3 Nm   Mz static 181.7 Nm   Mz static 97.2 Nm   Mz static 13.0 Nm  118 Nm
Mx dynamic 26.4 Nm   Mx dynamic 34.2 Nm   Mx dynamic 120.5 Nm   Mx dynamic 15.0 Nm  27.0 Nm
My dynamic 59.7 Nm   My dynamic 77.3 Nm   My dynamic 173.0 Nm   My dynamic 12.0 Nm  71.0 Nm
Mz dynamic 69.9 Nm   Mz dynamic 90.5 Nm   Mz dynamic 180.0 Nm   Mz dynamic 12.0 Nm  70.0 Nm

Forced Moment Drawing

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