XY Cartesian Robot Configurations

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We offer a number of Cartesian robots in both Cantilevered and Gantry style. Our XY Cartesian robot systems are available with either ball screw linear actuators or belt drive linear actuators. The ball screw driven actuators generally have greater accuracy, repeatability and long life and are available in a variety of lengths and screw pitches. The belt drive actuators are availble in many configurations and are ideal for higher speed applications requiring lower payloads and resolutions - such as camera or sensor positioning applications. It is also possible to combine a Cartesian robot configuration with a rotary axis or even multiple rotary axes - see photo below. Our XY stages are available with stepper, brushless servo or no motor. A variety of configurations, travels and screw pitches means that we can easily taylor a system for your application. Please see our Introduction to Cartesian Robots for a summary of their benefits and capabilities compared to SCARA or Articulated Arm Robots.
Custom Cantilevered Cartesian Robots
Custom Cantilevered XY Configuration .LEZ H-Frame Cartesian Gantry Robot
Cantilvered XY-Theta or XYZ is available with BALL SCREW LINEAR ACTUATORS requiring precision - Tell us what your application requires. Cartesian Gantry XYZ configuration using BELT DRIVE ACTUATORS FOR HIGH SPEED APPLICATIONS. Tell us what your application requires.


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