In 2013, Isel Germany purchased the assets and customer list from Techno Inc., also known as Techno Isel, which was the master distributor for Isel Germany from 1988 to 2013. In October of 2013, Isel USA Inc opened its doors and became the USA office of Isel Germany. Isel USA Inc, both partner and part of Isel Germany, is proud to continue to expand the availability of automation equipment and provide support in the USA, Canada and Mexico for the expanding list of customers of Isel products.

Isel Germany was founded in 1972 as a one man company under the name ISERT Electronics. The company focused on the supply and manufacture of parts and systems related to PCB manufacturing. From these modest beginnings Isel Germany has developed into a vertically integrated manufacturer and provider of automation systems, linear motion components, electronics and software. The basis for this development has been and continues to be innovative product design, efficient production and patented innovations.

Currently, the isel-group has 4 plant locations in Germany with a total of over 1,500,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing facilities. In addition, Isel Germany has several sales offices around the world. From our modest beginnings we have become a vertically integrated company with manufacturing plants for production and quality control, offices, warehouses and shipping facilities. Our products are used around the world.

Isel USA Inc, also known as Isel Automation is the North American stocking distributor of linear motion components and automation components for Isel Germany. We are located in Hicksville, NY on Long Island. We keep inventory on a wide variety of Isel products such as linear rails, bearings, V guide rollers, ball screws, ball nuts and aluminum extrusions such as our table plate extrusions. We also keep inventory on a variety of automation components such as ball screw linear actuators, belt drive actuators, XY stages, Cartesian gantry robots, stepper motor modules, servo motor modules, stepper controllers, servo controllers and software to support these items.

Our Web site is rich in product specifications, 3D CAD downloads and more importantly technical information. We have real customer application stories of success that may give you the inspiration you need to crystalize your ideas. Technical articles can help you decide between a Ball Screw driven linear slide or a Belt driven linear actuator. Or, our experienced engineers will help guide you to the solutions you are looking for if you send us an APPLICATION ASSISTACE REQUEST FORM. Whether you have a simple engineering question about compatibility or a custom-made design, each of our trained Applications Engineers are highly knowledgeable and keep you, the customer our top priority.

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