Isel USA Inc is proud to announce the biggest innovation in industrial workbenches since the invention of the drawer – Isel USA is pleased to offer industrial workbenches with Aluminum T Slot Table Tops and backs.
Isel Industrial Workbenches with T Slot table tops

These workbenches offer significant advantages in ease of setup, especially for robot part feeding and fixturing applications. Instead of making jigs fit a fixed hole pattern, or worse, having to drill and tap your own mounting holes, designers now have the ease and flexibiity of mounting parts where they are needed and if necessary - making adjustments without worrying about setup delays.

Besides fixturing flexibility, the workbench offers an ideal robot or cobot pedestal base. Isel USA has transfer plates for easy mounting of UR cobots or FANUC cobots and the optional shelf is perfect for the controller. Fixturing load and unload stations becomes a simple task with the T slots.  FANUC CRX Cobot on T slot topped pedestal base with shelf for electronics

This innovation is made possible because of the unique table plate extrusions with T Slots produced by Isel USA. These table plates are available in a number of thicknesses and widths up to 375mm offering a variety of choices and characteristics for the table top surface. The most obvious advantage is that parts can be fixtured where needed without having to drill and tap holes – no more “oops”. In addition, if the configuration requirements change, all that needs to be done is to loosen a few T nuts, reposition the parts and tighten back down. Reconfiguration can now be done in minutes without the need for more drilling and tapping and precision measurements.
Solid Extrusion Table Plates with T Slots Hollow Extrusion Table Plates with T Slots

The Isel USA table plates are precision extruded using proprietary methods that produce flat extrusions with reduced twist and bow. Many of our table plates are then machined flat on both sides. Machined  table plates are also available in a variety of widths up to 375mm (14.75”) and lengths up to 3m. Isel recommends solid profile extrusions for workbench applications that involve heavy parts that can “ding” the table surface and hollow profile extrusions for applications that involve lighter parts. The hollow profile extrusions are thicker for a given weight/meter and consequently have greater resistance to bending moments.
Non-Magnetic WORKBENCH!
Another unique feature of the Isel workbenches is that they are completely made of aluminum, except for the assembly hardware, and are thus ideal for applications that require nonmagnetic work surfaces.

Workbenches are available in 3 standard sizes up to 1.5m x 1m and in custom sizes up to lengths of 6m. The depth is available in custom sizes of 250mm increments. Other options include adjustable pedestal feet or lockable swivel casters. The standard height for workbenches is nominally 750mm (about 30”) but this can of course be increased or decreased as needed.

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