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Isel Automation Linear Motion Systems

Isel Automation Linear Motion Systems is a leading manufacturer and distributor of quality automation products to customers around the world. Since 1986, we have provided precision automation systems that are currently being used in medical, industrial, assembly, inspection, pick-and-place, scientific, electronic, drilling and milling applications.

Our complete product offering includes linear ball screw slides, belt drive linear slides, rotary stages, XY & XYZ stages, gantry table systems, plug-and-play automation tables, single-axis servo motion controllers, single-axis stepper motor controllers, multi-axis servo and stepper motor controllers, servo drives, and stepper/servo motion control software.

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In addition to a range of standard products to meet customer requirements, we would be happy to discuss customization of our products for OEM applications. ‚ÄčContact us for more information or request a quote on a customer linear motion system for your application.

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