Cartesian Gantry Robots

  • Cartesian Gantry Robots for Automation and CNC Applications
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For an introduction to Cartesian Robots, please read What is a Cartesian Robot?

Isel Automation gantry tables and Cartesian robots are available as 2 to 6 axis systems. They are ideal for CNC or automated work cell applications like welding, glueing, inspection, orthotics etc. They can be supplied as mechanics only or a complete system including motors, controls, cabling, and software. Travel ranges from a few inches to several feet. Controls compatible for stepper or servo motor technology. Options include safety enclosures, light curtains, rotary axes, inspection cameras etc.

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Isel Automation Gantry Table and Automated Work Cell Customization 

We offer numerous gantry table and automated Cartesian robot customization options including:

  • stands
  • full or partial enclosures
  • safety interlock doors or light curtains
  • multiple Z axes
  • extended height gantry clearances
  • numerous inputs and outputs

Gantry Table and Automated Work Cell Applications

Applications for gantry tables and Cartesian robots include:
  • Drilling
  • MIlling
  • Inspection
  • Dispensing
  • Testing
  • Assembly
  • Quality Control

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