RE40 Aluminum Extrusion Table Plate

  • RE 40 Extrusion Table Plates
  • RE 40 Aluminum Extrusion Table Plate Dimensions
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Aluminum extrusion table profiles are 40mm thick, clear anodized, light, and very stable.
  • Available in widths of 150mm, 250mm and 350mm
  • Profiles are 40mm thick for rigidity against bending - see Ix and Iy bending moments
  • Cavities in profile make it light and extremely stiff against bending.
  • Universal precision clamping and machining surface
  • Ideal for use as a stabiliser for machine and subframe constructions, fixture plates, work holding etc.
  • Available in standard lengths of increments of 250mm
    • Custom cut lengths available for nominal cut fee
  • A variety of T nuts available- T Nuts Type 1 and T Nuts Type 2
  • Click here for Universal Robot Adapter Mounting Plates
  • For a list of T Nuts and clamping accessories, see Robot Accessories and T-Nuts.
These extrusions can be used as table tops for CUSTOM WORKBENCHES or ROBOT work tables
For CUSTOM SIZED Workbenches and Robot work tables CLICK HERE and tell us what you need.
RE40 Table Plate Extrusion Properties
  kg/m       Ix      Iy
RE 40-150 Profile Dimensions 4.8  394  33.4
RE 40-250 Profile Dimensions 7.6  1655  54.2
RE 40-350 Profile Dimensions 13.4  5626  97.5

RE40 T Slot Dimensions

RE40 T Slot Dimensions

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  • Aluminum clear anodized
  • Available in any lenght up to 3 meters
  • Produced to Din EN 12020-2
  • Universal precision , clampimg and machining surface
  • T-slots are provided on each side of profile
  • T-slots are designed to use M6 nut or M6 nut strip
  • Lightweight, high stiffness
  • Available in 3 widths ( 40x150,40x250,40x350)
Rectangular Profiles RE 40
  RE 40
Dimensions (W × H)  150 x 40 mm  350 x 40 mm
Length  up to 3 metres (special lengths upon request)
Weight  approx. 4.8 kg/m  approx. 13.38 kg/m
  various cavities and T-key inserts for sliding nuts or M6 tapped strips for frontal inserts for M6 screws
Moment of inertia Ix  393.7 cm4  5,626.00 cm4
Moment of inertia Iy  33.42 cm4  97.45 cm4
Moment of resistance Wx  52.49 cm3  321.48 cm3
Moment of resistance Wy  16.71 cm3  48.5 cm3

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