iCU Multiple Axis Servo Controller

  • iCU Servo Control Box
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The iCU line of servo controllers can control from 1 to 6 axes of servos. An additional 6 axis of handling (constant rotational speed) axes can be coordinated as well. The controller can be congifured with any combination of iMD10 (brushed servo amplifier) or iMD20 (brushless servo amplifier) The controller has an onboard embedded PC, model iPC 25 , 16 in/16 out I/O module as well as an integral safety circuit.  The safety circuit ensures that the cover on the machine is closed before activating power to the system and it ensures that all axes are off the limit of travel sensors. The iCU servo controller comes complete with all power supplies and controls wired and ready to run. Just plug in a keyboard and monitor and the controller is ready.
  • iCU controller is available in table top or rack mount versions. 
  • Operates off 120VAC or 220VAC single phase
  • available in 1-6 axes version
  • includes 16 inputs/16 outputs
  • embedded PC running WIN 7 or WIN 10 
  • Capable of linear (2-6 axes), circular (2 axes) and helical (3 axes) interpolation
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