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Your Problem is UNIQUE - So is our Solution!

We have many tools at our we treat every problem as another UNIQUE problem
  • some problems are single axis, some require multiple axes
  • loads are different and sometimes vary in an application
  • travels, speeds and resolutions are different
  • configurations require special attention
  • Moment loads, torque requirements vary
  • The environment is sometimes a factor
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The Isel Automation family of ball screw linear slides offers German Quality at affordable prices. Ball screws provide accurate and reliable linear motion and we only use ball screws in our slides and gantry machines. Our ball screws are made in our own factory using German steel to ensure long term reliability. Unlike lead screws, our ball nuts require no adjustment for wear.

Features of Rodless Linear Ball Screw Actuators

  • Standard Travels start at 110mm and go up to 2710mm.
  • Loads from a few grams to 900 Newtons (450 lbs.)
  • Ball screw slide actuators can be fitted with several different types of motors - stepper, servo, NEMA 23, NEMA 34, custom.
  • All of our ball screw slides and actuators come standard with a mechanical limit switches built into both ends of travel.
  • Ball screw pitch options of 2.5, 5, 10 and 20mm. 
  • All of our ball screw linear slides have built in dust protection so way covers, which reduce travel, are not required
  • Available as XY or XYZ Cartesian Robots applications as well
(For an introduction to Cartesian Robots, please read What is a Cartesian Robot?)

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