iMC-P Economy Multi Axis Stepper Controller

  • Economical Stepper Motor Controller icm-P - Front
  • Economical Stepper Motor Controller imc-P - Rear
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This Multi Axis stepper unit can control from 2 to 4 axis.
It includes controller, drives, power supply, I/O, internal wiring and enclosure - READY TO USE OUT OF THE BOX.
8 24VDC signal inputs
8 relay outputs 24VDC, 300 mA each, max 2A total current
1 relay output 120/230VAC/6A)
1 analogue output (0 - 10V) for speed control of inverter
RS232 programming interface
The controller includes PalPC motion control software. This is an English language like programming system that lets the user quickly develop automation programs.

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