Super Heavy Duty ILE20-20 Ball Screw Actuator

  • Heavy Duty Ball Screw Actuator
  • DUAL Ball Screw Actuator
  • H Frame Heavy Duty Ball Screw Actuator
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Features of the ILE20-20 Heavy Duty Ball Screw Actuator
  • Very high load and moment capacity
  • Ideal for heavy OVERHUNG loads
  • Play free accurate motion
  • Long life, nothing to adjust
  • Travels from 5" up to 107.2"
  • Wide base -225mm- ideal for large cantilevered loads
  • Built in limit switches at both ends of travel
    • Optional external mounted/adjustable limit switches available
  • Available with internal and external motor mounts
  • Available as single axis or XY or XYZ configurations
  • Motor options include stepper or brushless servo with or without failsafe brake
  • ALSO available with NO motor or NEMA 23 or NEMA 34 motor mounts
  • Optional positive air pressure fittings to keep dust and dirt out
  • Ball screw pitch of 5mm, 10mm, 20mm or 40mm for fine resolution or high speed
  • Custom motor mounts can be provided
  • Sealed against dust and swarf - WITHOUT BELLOWS - so there is no loss of travel
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