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Isel Automation can configure the right XY or XYZ stage or table configuration for your automaiton application. Whether long travel, high load capacity, speed or high accuracy, we can assist you in selecting a system that will work for you.

Ball screw drive XY or XYZ stages can be configured from our3 basic styles of ball screw slides. They can be seen at Ball Screw Slides. The LES 4 slides are for short travels or light loads or for the top axis in an XY stage configuration to reduce overhang load. The larger slides such as the LES 4 and LES 5 slides are used for the base on an XY configuration for stability and for the large overhang load capacity. 

Belt drive XY or XYZ stages are particularly useful for high speed applications or long travel applications that might use video or other data collection sensors. The smaller and lighter belt drive slides such as the LEZ 1 are suitable for H frame configurations or short travel applications or XZ stage applications. Isel USA offers a turnkey H frame configuration using the LEZ 1 automation stick. The heavier construction belt slides like the LEZ 3 are especially useful where long distances have to be spanned without much or any support. The large body cross-section makes the LEZ 3 resistant to bending even with moderat to heavy loads.The actual deflection depends on the span and the weight of course. You can see these slides at Belt Drive Slides.
XY Slide with moving top slide
1 XY Stage Face to Face
XY slide with moving top slide provides large fixturing surface
XY slide with moving bearing plate
2 XY Stage Face to Back
XY slide with moving bearing plate provides minimal slide footprint
XZ configuration
3 XZ Stage
XZ slide configuration for vertical applications
XY Overhead Motion
4 Right Angle XY Stage
XY slide overhead  style
Ideal for stationary part fixturing or conveyor system. Great for long narrow parts.
XYZ basic slide configuration
5 Right Angle XYZ Stage
XYZ slide system is ideal for applications where part is very long and narrow

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XYZ H Frame Configuration

6 H Frame XYZ Stage
XYZ stage H frame is best suited for large parts, heavy loads or conveyor systems

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XY table H frame configuration
7 H Frame XY Stage
XY slide H frame configuration is best for heavy loads or large parts or conveyor systems or long travel spans
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XYZ Table configuration
8 Right Angle XYZ Stage II
XYZ slide configuration with moving "Y" is best suited for applications where system has to move into a part such as an enclosure or car interior

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