iRD 80 Torque Motor

  • iRD 80 Torque Motor
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iRD 80 Torque motor delivers high torque output in a compact design. Can be intergated into the deisgn out rotary stages and tables. 
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  • Improved storage of the rotor shaft for enhanced load-carrying capability
  • Horizontal and vertical design
  • No mechanical trasmission elements
  • High torque in a compact design
  • Very good trpeatability and postioning
  • Very good concentricity and axial run-out
  • Large hollow shaft
  • Measuring system directy on the rotor shaft
Torque motors iRD 80
  iRD 80/50
intermediate circuit voltage [V]  330
current [A]  6
peak current [A]  15
rated torque [Nm]  10
peak torque[Nm]  17
max. speed [rpm.]  800
rotor interia [kg/cm²]  34
concentricity ± [mm]  0.03
axial run-out ± [mm]  0.03
numbers of poles  20
permissible static load [kN]  1.7
permissible dynamic load [kN]  1.5
breakdown torque for bearings [Nm]  150
protection class  IP50
torque constant [Nm/A]  1.13
accuracy ± [arc sec]  65
repeatability ± [arc sec]  3.5
thermal protection  PTC
encoder option 1 [Inc/r] incremental  20000

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