Industrial Automation Equipment 

Gantry robots, Work Cells, Cartesian robots

Available in 6 sizes as XY or XYZ, all axes are ball screw driven with anti-backlash ball nuts. The moving gantry provides operators a large stationary work surface. It can be outfitted with stepper or servo or no motor options

Ball screw slides and ball screw stages

Available in 4 different models with travels up to 107”. All ball screw driven and sealed against dust without accordian bellows to take up travel. Stepper, servo or no motor options. Also available as XY Stages

Belt drive stages

Three different models available with travels up to 5m. Stepper, servo or no motor options

Rotary Stages

4 single axis rotary stages and 2 dual axis compound rotary stages are available. Various motor options and price ranges. Accessories include tail stock and 3 jaw chucks

Linear Rails and linear bearings

Isel offers a variety of linear rails in standard lengths to 3m. We also have a selection of linear bearings and linear roller bearings. We offer an extremely low cost set of eccentric and concentric V guide roller bearings.

Ball screws and Ball Nuts

We have a variety of 16 and 25mm diameter ball screws, ball nuts and mounting accessories

Aluminum extrusion table plates

We offer aluminum extrusion table plates that come in a variety of widths and thicknesses - many are machined flat on both sides and all come with T slots

Aluminum extrusion enclosure profiles

We offer a selection of aluminum extrusion enclosure profiles. You can make enclosures of a variety of lengths quickly, easily and with LOW COST.

The International Isel group of companies was founded in 1972.

Welcome to Isel USA, the North American extension of Isel Germany. We are proud to be a leading linear motion and automation equipment manufacturer for the Isel brand in the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Our skilled team also provides timely support and comprehensive solutions like industrial automation components tailored to your needs. That’s because we prioritize customer satisfaction, offering expert guidance on product compatibility and custom designs. Because of this brand’s long legacy, we’re able to bring decades of expertise and innovation to the forefront of automation technology. Choose Isel USA for the best industrial automation equipment in the business, backed by our unparalleled reliability and superior customer support. 

Since 1986, Techno-Isel/Isel USA has provided precision automation systems that are currently being used in medical, industrial, assembly, inspection, pick-and-place, scientific, electronic, drilling and milling applications. The products range from simple mechanical components to complete systems, including CNC machines, automation platforms, handling robots, stepper/servo motors, controls and software.
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