Enclosure Profiles

  • 16x16mm Corner Extrusion Profile Enclosure Example
  • 16x16mm Corner Extrusion Profile
  • 16x18mm Corner Extrusion  Profile
  • 16x18mm Corner Extrusion Profile Enclosure Example
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ALUMINUM EXTRUSION ENCLOSURE PROFILES are extrusions that are specifically designed to produce electro-mechanical enclosures quickly, easily and with custom sizes without the need for custom parts. The profiles are available in 3 styles - corner profiles, side profiles and shell profiles.
Aluminum Extrusion Shell Profiles form half an enclosure and when flipped 180° mates with itself to form a rectangular enclosure. The full enclosure is held together with the front and rear face plates that can be screwed to the extrusions through self-tapping screws at the corners. The shell profiles are available in 2 sizes that mate with themselfes as well as with each other to form 3 different sizes of cross section enclosures. The LENGTH of these 3 different cross section enclosures can be arbitrarily selected  - up to 3m long. These Shell Profiles are designed to hold EUROCARDS which are 100mm in width
Aluminum Extrusion Side Profiles form the 2 facing sides of the enclosure and are connected with aluminum panels of any size needed for the enclosure. The Side Profile Enclosures are available in 2 different sizes. The LENGTH and WIDTH of enclosures made with these profiles can be arbitrarily selected, up to a length of 3m. The built in card guide can be used to hold standard .062" thick PCB's.
Aluminum Extrusion Corner Profiles form the corners of the enclosure. Thus the LENGTH, WIDTH and HEIGHT of the enclosure can be arbitrarily specified. The LENGTH is determined by the length of the CORNER PROFILE. The WIDTH and HEIGHT can be arbitrarily selected by choosing the dimensions of the aluminum sheet metal sides.
How to Use Corner Enclosure Profiles
16x16mm Corner Extrusion Profile Use 16x18mm Corner Extrusion Profile Use

We offer a selection of aluminum extrusion enclosure profiles. You can make enclosures of a variety of lengths quickly, easily and with LOW COST.

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