LEZ 3 Belt Driven Actuator

  • LEZ3 Belt Actuator with shaft
  • LEZ3 Belt Actuator with trolley
  • LEZ3 Belt Actuator dimension drawing
  • LEZ3 Belt Actuator motor dimension drawing
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The LEZ 3 Belt Driven Actuator is ideal when spanning a long length where the slide is only supported at the ends. 
The cross section produces a stiff slide that can be sel-supporting with a large bending moment
Standard Lengths up to 6m available
This LEZ 3 model belt driven actuator has the h
ighest load capacity, and highest speed and acceleration capability.
The LEZ 3 Belt Driven Actuator can be configured into XY or XYZ cantilevered systems, H Frame systems or Gantry Tables
  • 25mm wide fiberglass reinforced belt with HTD profile for high speed and accuracy
  • 12mm drive shafts at both ends of travel for easy motor mounting
  • available with stepper or servo motor options
    • also available with NO MOTOR, NEMA 22 or NEMA 34 motor mount
  • Limit switches at both ends of travel
  • 70mm or 150mm feed per motor shaft revolution - provides high speed or high torque
  • repeatability ± .2 mm, 
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  • Standard lengths up to 3 meters
  • Limit Switches at both ends of travel are included
  • Custom lengths up to 6 meters
  • 25mm wide fiberglass reinforced HTD belt
  • Speed up to 5m/sec. with appropriate motor and driver
  • Compact 83mm wide base
  • CAD drawings available for download
  • T-slots on 3 sides
  • NEMA 23 and 34 motor mounts available or custom motor mounts can be provided
  • Belt Actuator can be configured into XY or XYZ Gantry Tables
  • Lead is 5.512 inches
  • Repeatability : ± 0.01 mm (± .0004 in)
  • Accuracy: ±0.2mm / 300mm (±.008in/12in)
  • Stainless Steel options
Shaft slide WS 3
C0  6945 N
C 3190 N
F1 static 5931 N
F1 dynamic 2724 N
F2 static 6945 N
F2 dynamic 3190 N
Mx static 255.9 Nm
My static 232.8 Nm
Mz static 272.5 Nm
Mx dynamic 117.5 Nm
My dynamic 106.9 Nm
Mz dynamic 125.1 Nm

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