PT 25 Aluminum Extrusion Table Plate

  • PT 25 Table Plate Extrusions
  • PT 25 Table Plate Extrusion Dimensions
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  • The PT25 ALuminum Exutrusion table plates have t-slots on one side only.
  • The t-slots are on 25mm centers.
  • The extrusion is stress relieved and both sides are machined flat.
  • It comes in 3 widths - 125mm, 250mm and 375mm and can be used to make very flat anf precise work beds, fixture plates, table tops, etc.
  • Can be provided cut to custom lengths for OEM quantitie
kg/m Moment
Ix (cm4)
Iy (cm4)
PT25 Aluminum Extrusion Table Plate 20x125 dimensions 20x125 4.8 6.7 243.4
PT25 Aluminum Extrusion Table Plate 20x375 dimensions 20x250 9.6 12.8 1848.6
PT25 Aluminum Extrusion Table Plate 20x375 dimensions 20x375 13.7 17.9 5996.0

PT Extrusion Table Plate T Slot Dimensions
PT Aluminum Extrusion Table Plate T Slot Detailed Dimensions
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  • Aluminum clear anodized
  • Produced to Din EN 12020-2
  • Milled flat on both sides
  • For use with any machine
  • Thick Walled, distortion-free and extremely form-retaining
  • Available up to 3 m length
  • Can be used as drainage channel for small quantites of liquid
PT 25 T-Slot Aluminum Table Plates
  PT 25
Dimensions (W × H)  125 x 20 mm  250 x 20 mm  375 x 20 mm
Length  up to 3 metres in 250mm increments (special lengths upon request)
Weight  appr. 4.8 kg/m  appr. 9.6 kg/m  appr. 13.7 kg/m
T-slots  one-sided in 25 mm raster
Moment of inertia Ix  243.36 cm4  1848.57 cm4  5996.01 cm
Moment of inertia Iy  6.46 cm4  12.77 cm4  17.90 cm4
Moment of resistance Wx  38.94 cm3  147.88 cm3  319.79 cm3
Moment of resistance Wy  6.46 cm3  12.77 cm3  17.90 cm3

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