Cough and Sneeze Guards

  • Tabletop and mobile floor cough and sneeze protection barriers
  • Freestanding DESKTOP cough and sneeze protection barriers don't take over your desk
  • Easy mounting counter wall cough and sneeze protection barrier
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Want to know more about Sneeze Guards? Check out or SNEEZE GUARD FAQ's

Our portable cough and sneeze protective guards are made of strong aluminium lightweight frame construction profiles and polycarbonate for durability and easy wiping. We use polycarbonate (polycarbonate is the generic version of LEXAN®because it is more durable and less brittle than plexiglass. They are stable and easy to set up. Depending on the circumstances, you can combine the various protective barriers for your area of application. If you need a custom size, please contact our applicaton engineers at 516-595-7495. 

  • The frame is made of aluminum extrusion profiles and have a clear anodized finish for durability
  • Strong polycarbonate panes will not crack or scratch like plexiglass
    • More durable than plexiglass
    • polycarbonate is the generic version of LEXAN®
  • Desktop Sneeze Guard sits on any desk without the need for drilling or glueing
  • Individual sneeze guards can be connected together to protect large or odd shaped areas
  • Freestanding DESKTOP Sneeze Guard will not damage your desk
    • Stands on the floor - does not take away space from your desktop
    • No drilling or glueing 
  • Freestanding FULL HEIGHT sneeze guard is ideal for workstations, assembly stations, assembly line workers....
    • These sneeze guards are great for heavy traffic areas or industrial areas
  • Easy to assembly kits
  • Lockable casters allow easy relocation of the Freestanding FULL HEIGHT Sneeze Guard
  • Custom sizes available - ASK US!
  • For use in high traffic areas, offices, factories, warehouses, schools, medical facilities, retail stores, ....


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