3 m - 16x18 mm Extrusion Enclosure Corner Profile

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  • Just add aluminum panels and make an enclosure of whatever size you need!
  • This ENCLOSURE profile is made of clear anodized extruded aluminum. 
  • A slot is provided to inset 1.5 mm or 1/16" thick aluminum sheet stock. 
  • A T-nut slot is provided to allow a 1.5-2.5 mm or 1/16"-3/32" thick aluminum sheet to be screwed to this profile. 
  • The T-slot is designed to accept a standard M3 nut .
  •  The channel at the center of the extrusion can be used with M5 self-tapping screws or tapped with an M5 thread to hold front and rear panels on the enclosure. This profile is used to construct enclosures for mechanical or electrical components.
  • The depth of the enclosure is determined by the length of the corner ENCLOSURE profiles
  • The width and height of the enclosure is determined by the size of the panels that are used.
  • NOTE-panels can be polycarbonate or any other appropriate plastic or sheet metal for special applications
  • Weight of the enclosure profile is .29Kg/m
  • M3 T nut - G499530_0006, sold as pack of 100
16x18mm corner ENCLOSURE profile example

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